About Roaring Fork Video

RFV designs strategically optimized video marketing campaigns that help our clients meet their business goals. We create and work with our clients’ content to promote their story, reach their target audience more effectively, and use rapidly changing internet technology to their advantage.

We integrate online video into our client's’ marketing strategy to improve audience engagement, search engine optimization, exposure, and sales conversions. Our customized video marketing strategy capitalizes on the intrinsic advantages of video to maximize the return on investment.

Creating and Promoting Professional Videos Isn't Easy

It’s not just the technical aspects of creating a video (cameras, lights, editing, drones) that are complicated…

You also need to master video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, learn to promote your videos in the right way, and target the correct demographics and customers.

From strategy and script writing, to filming and editing the final product, it takes a variety of specialized skills to produce high quality videos that move the needle.

Strategy and Planning

We begin every project with a planning and strategy discussion so that Roaring Fork Video can become an extension of your team.

During these early discussions, we’ll help identify the types of videos that will achieve your business goals, including:

  • Generating More Revenue & Leads

  • Increasing Website Conversion Rates

  • Shortening Sales Cycles

  • Increasing Awareness of Your Product or Service

These are just a few of the things that video can help you accomplish. But all businesses are unique, what worked on a different project may not work for your business. This is why we always start our videos with strategy.

Pre-Production and Scripting

From overseeing the scripting process, to scheduling and running the shoot, our team will orchestrate all the details of your video marketing campaign. This involves things like storyboarding, creative ideas, scripting, scheduling interviews, what gear to use, etc.

There's a lot to think about when planning a video shoot. Our experience and dedication to getting things right the first time ensures that things go smoothly out of the gate.

Video Production

Pre-production and strategy are critical to the outcome of your video, but it’s our incredible production team that really makes the magic happen.

They produce cinematic-quality videos that:

  • Engage Audiences

  • Tell a Story About Your Business

  • Raise Awareness About Products & Services

  • Explain the Benefits of Using Your Business

As we all know, people don’t buy products or services because of the benefits, they buy when you give them an idea of how those benefits will make them feel.

Implementation and Promotion

Once your video is completed, we can hand it over to your marketing team, or help you promote it. After all, the best video in the world won’t help your business generate revenue unless the right people are viewing it.

For a free consultation with our team, just click below. We will then reach out to schedule a time to talk about your business goals, and how video can best help to achieve them.